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There are two squash courts situated beyond the tennis courts. The courts are open to members seven days per week between 8:00 and 22:00 throughout the year, subject to team matches, club nights, tournaments and coaching. The courts have the latest LED lighting which provide excellent illumination quality and are also highly energy efficient.


Squash and racketball balls are provided free to members.

What to Wear

All members wear appropriate kit (which may be coloured) for the games of Squash and Racketball. Non-marking squash shoes must be worn.

You must change into squash shoes inside the court building. Please walk down in outdoor shoes as otherwise sand from the Tennis courts will badly damage the flooring.

Court booking

You can log in to the court booking system from the menu button. You should have received a member ID number and PIN when you joined. If not contact a member of the committee.

The system can be used from a PC or mobile device. The mobile optimisation is very good and if you place a shortcut to it on your phone home screen the experience is as easy using a dedicated app.

Court 1

Can be booked as from midnight for the whole of the day 2 weeks ahead, and for any day sooner i.e. on a Wednesday at midnight all slots 2 weeks on Wednesday become available for booking. This rolls forward on a daily basis.

Court 2

Can be booked as from midnight for the whole of the day 2 days ahead, and for any day sooner i.e. on a Wednesday at midnight all slots on that Friday become available for booking. This rolls forward on a daily basis.

Peak Times

Peak time rules apply on Monday to Thursday in the period 18.00 – 21.20 i.e. 5 periods per night for 4 days per week. A member will only be able to book 1 peak time court in a 7 day period on Court 1 until a court has been available for 7 days. Members should not arrange to play on 2 consecutive court sessions during peak periods on either court.

You must log in at the console in the clubhouse when you arrive for your booking. This will activate the court lighting. The court lighting will come on 5 minutes before the court start time and will switch off 55 minutes later i.e. 10 minutes after the 40 minute court time has ended. Depressing the push-button switch mounted outside each court will activate the lights for an additional 10 minute period if the following court time has not already been booked and extra time is needed.

If you do not log in within 10 minutes after the booked start time the system will register a “no-show”. Three no shows will automatically result in the member losing “booking rights” through the system. You will need to email
noshows@kdrc.info to get it reset.

If you book a court and no longer need it, please cancel it as soon as possible to give other members the best chance to use it. The committee may review cancellations with less than 48 hours notice.

Club nights are held on Fridays and alternate between Squash and Racketball.

Club Leagues

Internal leagues for squash and racketball are run for around 6 week sessions. Usually the top two are promoted and the bottom two relegated which means you get to play with new players each session. Leagues are open to all ladies, men and juniors. To join the leagues you can either add your name on the noticeboard in the clubhouse or contact the squash league organiser or racketball league organiser, see the  Who’s Who page.

Club Tournaments

There are four tournaments each year: Open Squash, Open Racketball, Handicap Squash and Handicap Racketball. Dates for these can be found on the News and Events page.


The club currently has two men’s squash teams and one ladies team playing in the winter leagues and one racketball team. League squash is also played throughout the summer. We are always looking for new members who would like to join a small friendly club and play in the teams where the general standard of squash and racketball is good.

For further information on what’s on nationally, regionally and locally with squash have a look at EnglandSquash.Com.

Squash and Racketball Coaching

Coaching is available for both Squash and Racketball, see the Who’s Who page for contact details.